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(Disease having similar symptom in ayurved- Shwetapradara)
What is Leucorrhoea?
What are the predisposing factors?
What are the signs and symptoms?
What are the investigations?
In what way ayurved can help?
What are the preventive measures?
What are the dietary recommendations and other regimen?
What is Leucorrhoea?

Leucorrhoea is an excessive white or colourless secretion from the vagina.
It may be only an exaggeration of the normal secretion or a symptom of irritation anywhere in the
genital organs, such as the common infections with trichomonas or candida.
What are the predisposing factors?

Stress, allergic reaction, excess of junk food, alcohol, un-hygiene etc are the cause of an incorrect
balance of flora in the gut, colon or vagina. Candida is a fungal parasite. It is a pretty name for a
beastly nuisance. It remains undisturbed in the colon and is kept in check by the immune system.
It can be stimulated into action by the use of antibiotics and the hormone pill and thus develops
thrush.  Tight snickers, tight jeans aggravate the condition.
What are the signs and symptoms?

The sign and symptoms are - vaginal discharge, itching, burning sensation, pain in groin and
abdomen, weakness, occasional giddiness.
What are the investigations?

The common investigation is CBC i.e. complete blood count. It helps to rule out anaemia as the
cause of weakness and giddiness. In many cases anaemia is accompanied by leucorrhoea.
In what way ayurved can help?

In Ayurved leucorrhoea is known as shweta pradar.
You can try the following home remedies.
1.2 tsp honey in a glass of water every morning.
2.Blackberry leaf tea. This tea is useful in the treatment of leucorrhoea as well as thrush.
3.Add juniper oil to bath water.
4.Eat a good chunk of crushed fresh ginger (not in hot water) or chew a small piece with honey.
5.Pradarantak ras, chandrapravha vati can be taken under medical supervision.
What are the preventive measures?

1.Avoid wearing tight synthetic knickers and tight jeans.
2.Try leaving out certain foodstuffs for several weeks at a time to check if they are the cause (i.e.
you may be allergic to certain foodstuffs).
3.Do not eat junk foods.
4.Take a daily bath and take thorough wash every morning.
What are the dietary recommendations and other regimen?

1.Whilst you have thrush do not attempt to enjoy the pleasures of sex.
2.When you go to the lavatory always wipe yourself from front to back to avoid spreading
3.Have a daily bath.
4.Your diet should include milk, ghee, ginger, papaya, sesame, honey, grapes, pomegranate, dates,
moong, and gourd.
5.Refrain from spicy and fried food, green peas, curds, and black gram.