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Evolution of Ayurved

Tracing the origin of the Ayurvedic medicine is a very difficult task. 
However the origin of ayurveda as an oral tradition can be safely
presumed to be around 6000 B.C. 

A clear and detailed picture of medicine prior to Vedic period is
difficult to ascertain. The mythology of the evolution of ayurved prior
to the Vedic era states that the Science of life, ayurved and the life
itself were simultaneously originated. In fact, Lord Bramha, the
Creator of the Universe, remembered this Science of Life and gifted
it to the human beings through the tradition of Gods and the great

Ayurved is an ancient science wherein ‘Ayu’ means life and ‘Veda’
means knowledge. Its origin can be traced back right to the
evolution of civilisation on earth.  Thousands of years ago India’s
greatest sages established their knowledge of life in the oldest
scriptures known to mankind viz. Rigveda, Yajurveda, .Atharvaveda
and Samaveda. The fundamentals of Ayurved can be found in all this
scriptures. Ayurved is regarded as the Upaveda or sub-scripture of
Atharvaved as it contains abundance of information on how to keep
oneself healthy and to combat diseases.

The fundamental philosophy of Ayurved says that suffering is disease
and contentment is good health.  No human being can be called
healthy if he does not posses a sound body, a sound mind and a
sound atma (soul).  Ayurved describes the whole way of life; it
narrates how one should keep healthy by advising on smallest things
of personal hygiene and social conduct.  The sages of Ayurved
emphasised on the importance of preventive medicine and this was
achieved by developing the individual's own immune system to fight
against all possible diseases..
Ayurvedic healing has two levels; one for the layman and self-care,
and the other for the healer. The first outlines a general
constitutional or life-style treatment for health enhancement and
disease prevention.  It gives many common or home-remedies for
different diseases. It is only when our life-style is out of harmony
that more severe diseases arise, and more specialised and
complicated health care becomes necessary.

The second level provides some of this specialised Ayurvedic medical
knowledge and outlines more technical and complicated remedies. 
These may be better utilised by a health care professional. 

Ayurvedic medicines consist of various natural herbs and minerals
and are rapidly gaining acceptance all over the world.  The Ayurved
today is part of a new movement towards a global medicine that
includes the best developments from all lands.