Dr. Prashant Sawant's Ayusanjivani Chikitsa
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82/B, Pokar Mansion,
Chembur (East) Mumbai - 400 071
Maharashtra, India

Copyrigt : Ayyusanjivani Chikitsa Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, 2011
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What our Participants of workshop say:

Workshop on Ayurvedic Treatment of Cancer, Heart Diseases and Auto-immune Diseases - Experience of the Participants
My experience in India
For me it’s the first time that I visit India. I decided two weeks ago to go with Lies and learn about Ayurveda. Since I have already experience and knowledge of physiotherapy, pharmacy, European herbs, healthy nutrition, I thought this was a good workshop for me to follow.

In general I’m surprised of the beautiful country, the nice people, the hospitality and the great food. I learned to eat spicy, which I never liked before. And the food was great!

I want to thank Dr. Prashant, his whole staff for the hospitality. The lessons he gave were very interesting! I learned a lot and have many answers to the questions I had. Not only in the lessons but also lessons for life!

I want to thank also Sophia for her generosity and kindness.
All good times come to an end. Time flies and I wasn’t bored for a second. This was a wonderful journey and I’m very grateful that I could experience this. Thank you so much!

No matter what I write here or how much I praise this place I’ll never do justice to this place. The staff here are beyond words; very kind, generous and reach up to each individual like their own family member. I, personally did not miss my family at all! On top of all above we are both honored to meet with Dr. Prashant , an extraordinary River of exceptional knowledge. No doubt that we both learnt a lot which made us yearn for more. Definitely that is our ticket to come back.

Yasmeen & Franky

I am very thankful for the time I spent here in Chembur with you all. It was another great experience and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to learn a lot, because there is a lot of knowledge.

Thank you for your kindness in sharing this knowledge with us.

Ayurveda is an infinite science, so much to learn and discover. Knowing what to do with our new acquired knowledge and insight is very important. Having gained a bit more confidence through the guidance of Dr. Prashant is just wonderful. I am very grateful for the lectures given with passion and humor at the same time.
I thoroughly enjoyed being here, in your clinic, with your great and friendly staff.

Many thanks for your generosity, also to Sophia.
Hope to meet you again in Belgium at the Ayurveda School, or in Mumbai.
On-line education Courses in Ayurveda and allied sciences will be starting very soon. Visit this page again for the announcements
A student from Hungery:

….First of all I am thankful to God… many times I felt hopeless to find a good institute hers in India. I wanted a place, where people want to do something special, to make a better future for all of us , where people don’t regret time and power to Give, Give and Give. Its I know Dr. Sawant, he is this type of person. Sure felt, that he wants to do something really great……… Ms. Kovacs, Hungary.
Clinical Internship