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Disease having similar symptoms in ayurved - Kasa

What is bronchitis?
What are the causes of bronchitis?
What are the symptoms?
How can I prevent bronchitis?
How Ayurveda can help me?
What is bronchitis?

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the airways (bronchous). If the inflammation persists for longer
duration it is termed as chronic bronchitis.

The most common cause, why people develop persistent cough is 'Chronic Bronchitis'. It is a major
disease having a chronic cough component. In the disease excessive mucus secretion is
predominant. It is one of the obstructive airway diseases.

Infection of the bronchi is usually present. Bronchitis becomes chronic when continuous coughing
results in irritation and the inflamed airways become thick and narrow. As the disease progresses,
excessive mucus collects in the smaller airways and this can lead further to gasping, cyanosis etc.
What are the causes of bronchitis?

The main cause of chronic bronchitis is smoking, environmental pollution; especially air pollution due
to dust, dirt and industrial fumes etc.
Certain allergies, general illness like fever, chronic renal failure, alcoholism etc., can also cause it.
The infections of upper respiratory tract, such as tonsillitis, sinusitis or lung infections such as
tuberculosis, fibrosis etc., may also cause bronchitis.

What are the symptoms?

The common symptoms are:
•Cough - which is constant or paroxysmal, on exposure to cold, wind, or sudden change of
atmosphere and worsens in winter.
•Fever - occasionally present.
•Dyspnoea i.e., breathlessness - you feel difficulty in expiration. In advanced cases, breathing
becomes quick and wheezing is present even if you are resting.
•Expectoration - thin and mucoid or thin and frothy, sticky may become mucopurulent in acute
attacks during winter.
•Haemoptysis - seen in the form of shreds of blood is present.
How can I prevent bronchitis?

1.At first what you can do is try to remove the causes, if possible, such as - air pollution, industrial
pollution etc.
2.Avoid damp and foggy places or over crowded places that causes suffocation.
3.Don't use stuffy clothing.
4.Too much alcohol, smoking, overeating etc., should be avoided.
5.Do regular exercise or go for morning walk in fresh air, that too within the limits of tolerance.
6.Encourage deep breathe or practice Yoga like pranayam, asanas etc.
7.Increase your power of resistance by taking good nutritive food. But if you are obese take
precaution of not gaining weight.
8.Certain food can release histamine that may cause allergic bronchitis. This allergy varies from
person to person. So try to find out such foodstuffs and avoid the same e.g., prawns, shell fish,
eggs, curd, milk derivatives, banana, orange, sweets etc.
9.Avoid intake of rough, cold, astringent food etc. 
How Ayurveda can help me?

As this is obstructive airway disease, ayurveda advises shehana (unction) and swedana (sudation)
over chest for relieving obstruction of airway and facilitating your cough (phlegm) to come out.
1.Apply warm til taila mixed with saindhava over chest and massage gently. After this give hot
fomentation by using hot water bag or hot bag. In acute stage of cough or dyspnoea it will help you
to remove obstruction and give passage to obstructed, thick, sticky, cough.
2.Take 1 teaspoon of tulsi (Basil leaves) juice mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey added with 5-6 drops
of ginger juice.
3.Take warm milk processed with shunthi powder or cardamom.
4.Take linctus of vidanga, rock salt, kushtha, trikatu, hingu and manashila mixed with honey and
5.Take linctus of duralabha, shathi, draksha, shunthi, candy sugar and karkatshrungi with oil i.e., til
tail (sesame).
6.Take liquid gruel cooked with the decoction of dashmoola along with panchakola and jaggery.
7.Take liquid gruel processed with yavani, pippali, bilva (fruit pulp), shunthi, chitrak, rasna, jiraka,
prushniparni, phalasa, shathi and pushkaramula added with unctuous, sour substances and salt. It
alleviates dyspnoea, pain etc.
8.One should take ghee cooked with Jivaniya (vitaliser) drugs while mixing with honey.
9.Rejuvenation or rasayan therapy helps you a lot in this as it improves your immunity power to
defeat any disease or allergy e.g., vardhaman pippali rasayan, chyavanprash, aamalaki rasayana.
Some standard Ayurvedic medicines used in bronchitis (kasa) are -   vasadya ghrita, kantakari ghrita,
elladi vati, lavangadi vati, banapsadi kwatha, sitopaladi choorna, talisadi choorna, laxmi vilas rasa,
vasavaleha, kanakasava, vasarishta, kantakari avaleha etc.  These medicines should be taken under
medical supervision.